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    Alternative to Look up

    Akshay Netalkar

      Hello All,


      I am trying to get get value for previous month using look up, it seems to be working fine. But for the month of January 2014 value is null as look up functions fails to recognize this due year filter. I want to show the  value for the month of January 2014 which is sales in December 2013.


      I want the value for for the red space highlighted in the image below:




      Please suggest any other function or calculation to get that value. Also find the attached workbook.

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          Bora Beran

          Did you try filtering out using a table calculation instead of using Year directly on the filter? The formula and table calc settings are shown in the screenshot below.

          Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 12.41.25 AM.png


          Table calc filters hide the marks. So LOOKUP will be able to look at previous year (2013) even though the Date Filter shown in the screenshot only keeps year 2014 since the filter applies after the LOOKUP function works and just hides the bars.

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