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    Life/Extract difference

    Yakis Yak



      I have problem with data on extract. I have table with about 5 millions of rows. In this table is filed Flag1(bit) with value 1/0.

      In data source created with Custom SQL and life connection one Customer1 have Flag=False with sales 6k and 30 rows underlying and it is correct.


      Now this same custom SQL but on extract with the same data, there is a value True with 72 rows underlying.



      Tableau could do something like this or there is some wrong in data source or i don't know...


      Please Help,

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          Hey Yakis,


          I'm curious as to the results of the following test:


          1. Recreate the workbook.

          2. Connect live to the database.

          3. Create a second connection the database and create an extract.

          4. Look at the data with the live connection and take a screenshot.

          5. Replace the data source to the extract (right-click live data connection and select "replace" > Choose Extracted Data Source) and take a screenshot of the view.


          Does the view change at all? I'm looking to see if everything will be the same in a 1-1 comparison.



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            Srikanth R

            Is it the same SQL ?

            Can you share the SQL ?

            Are you using any Case statements ?

            Also please check the where condition maybe its being omitted in live connection Flag1