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    Tableau Server 9.2 - Status Degraded

    Rahul Adlakha

      While trying to configure Tableau Server 9.2, when I put in the appropriate configuration settings and start the services, I get tableau server status as Degraded(Screenshot attached).

      The Tabadmin.log shows the below error :-

      2016-02-25 04:47:48.600 -0500_DEBUG_ServerIp:ServerName_:_pid=3236_0x78226c36__user=__request=__ Waiting for database localhost

      2016-02-25 04:47:49.259 -0500_DEBUG_ServerIp:ServerName_:_pid=3236_0x78226c36__user=__request=__ Failed to connect to localhost:8060: java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused: connect


      I also tried to change the pgsql port from 8060 to 8000, but still got the same error.


      Please help.



      Rahul Adlakha