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    How to do data blending with two additional datasources

    Niels Bosma

      Hi community,


      I'm trying to visualize how many of my users that also make a purchase (aka a commitment) in the same session as they registered and I'm trying to use data blending to do this.


      My datasource looks like this:


      Inline image 1


      Registrations has ConversionTypeId=1 and Purcahses 2.


      In my main datasource I set a filter for ConversionTypeId=1 and then I duplicate the datasource and change the filter for this one to  ConversionTypeId=2  and link on SessionMatchingId.


      This turns out great:


      Inline image 2


      But I want to compare "T0 commitments" with all the commitments. So I duplicated the datasource again and this time linked on Timestamp.


      Inline image 3


      The number for the third get completely weird? (Total should be around 1800 commitments).


      I've tried with COUNTD(ConversionId) but that was unsupported


      Calculated fields are just a SUM([Number of records]).


      Thanks for you help.