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    Scatter plot with using single measure filtered on product category (different product for x and y axis

    Joseph Donlan

      Hi all,


      I need some help with scatter plots. My data is an export from SF.com (I don't have access to SF.com so any solution based there will not work). My data is customer transaction records that include customer ID, Year, Quarter, Business>Brand>Product, Sales, units. The product hierarchy is in the same row as the sales transaction.


      I've loaded this into tableau and would like to show a scatter plot for 2015 that compares customer purchasing across the various products for a given year. For example, I was to see customers that are high product X and high proct Y or Brand A and Brand Y, etc. When I attempt this, Tableau doesn't aggregate sales at the customer ID level. It treats each ID to Product combination as a unique entry, so I can't compare anything but the same product against itself.


      Some solutions I've seen basically allow you to do this manually by doing a sum for each individual product. This may work for 1 or 2 products, but I have 45 per brand per business.... There is no way this can be done manually.


      I must be missing something here as there is no way this functionality doesn't exist in tableau. Here is an example of the output, I want to compare office supplies purchasing versus furniture for all of my customers (image below). Thanks for the help!