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    Questions about connecting to Retail Pro 9's Oracle database

    Kim Vinson

      I'm a new Tableau user with a lot of questions


      Working with Retail Pro 9 and would like to start by creating some simple dashboards.


      Retail Pro 9 uses an embedded Oracle database with somewhat restricted access.

      Their "RP9 Database and Custom Programming Guide" states:


      Due to licensing constraints, direct access to the Oracle tables is not allowed. For custom reporting and development, read-only access to the data is granted through Views, and data can be imported into Retail Pro through ECM using XML.


      However, that said, I have been able to successfully connect to the database.

      I am able to query the tables using SQL Developer.

      And I am able to load the Tables and Views into Tableau (with some restricted exceptions)


      There just isn't a lot of information available about the structure and where I might find the 'valuable' data I need.

      Just looking to create some general visualizations around simple things to start with like:

      • Total Sales
      • Sales by Stores
      • Sales by Items


      I am hoping someone in the Tableau Community can provide some guidance!


      • Looking for someone who is actually using Retail Pro 9 and has successfully built some dashboards who is willing to share some of their knowledge and experience.
      • Direction from anyone on the best way to sift through the Views in the Oracle database to find valued information like above.
      • Suggestions for a beginner on how and where to start this process without wasting too much time chasing rabbits and dead ends.


      Thanks in advance for any suggestions or direction!