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    Hierarchical bar chart issue

    Mary Brauch

      I have a bunch of fields that are in a hierarchy and some measure that display as bar charts (one measure per column). When I have the hierarchy collapsed, the bars stack for the dimensions that are in the hierarchy but not shown anymore. I want this to be a roll-up.


      For example, here is a view using numbers instead of the bars.

      Vermont      Burlington     5     10

      Vermont      Brattleboro     5     5

      - expanded above shows correctly


      Vermont     5,5     10,5 (with no label - even though labels are enabled)


      It should show:

      Vermont     10     15 (with labels)


      Could this be because some of my measures are pre-aggregated as a calculated field and others are not? Are there any other options to get around this?


      Thanks in advance!