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    Block Server Admins from Downloading Workbooks

    Sarah Slattery

      We have dashboards that users would like to publish to Tableau Server that contain very sensitive data. We don't want Tableau Server admins to be able to view the workbooks or data in the workbooks. We tested using user filters/row level security and this works well by preventing server admins from viewing the data; however, server admins can still download the workbooks. This would probably be fine if the data sources were databases and we had a live data connection, but the data source is Excel.


      Is there a good way to block Tableau server admins from accessing highly sensitive workbooks that connect to Excel files?




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          Glen Robinson

          If you use Published Data Sources for your Excel data, and add your row level filters into the Published Data sources. You then configure the workbooks to use the PDS, so that even if the workbooks were downloaded, they wouldn't show any data for your server admins. It wouldn't stop them having the ability to replace the Published Data Sources, but they would need to have the connection information, etc to do so.

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