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    Help with Bar Chart

    Sandy Wolfkind



      I am trying to write a calculated condition with Case, Count and IF ..


      So I have 4 conditions as below , I want to have a column with P0,P1,P2,P3 values to show them in the chart as below.

      How do I combine all these 4 conditions to put them into one column , please suggest if there is any better approach to achieve this.



      For PO:


      COUNT (if[Group] = "QBO" and [Priority] = "P0" and

      [Environment Desc] = "Production" THEN [JIRA] END)


      For P1

      COUNT (if[Group] = "QBO" and [Priority] = "P1" and

      [Environment Desc] = "Production" THEN [JIRA] END)


      For P2

      COUNT (if[Group] = "QBO" and [Priority] = "P2" and

      [Environment Desc] = "Production" THEN [JIRA] END)



      For P3

      COUNT (if[Group] = "QBO" and [Priority] = "P3" and

      [Environment Desc] = "Production" THEN [JIRA] END)


      Thank you

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          Derrick Austin

          Hey Sandy,


          You can combine measures into a single stacked bar with Measure Names/Measure Values.

          Here is an example:


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            Nicholas Hara

            Hi Sandy,

            Without a sample data set or a workbook it's hard to tell what the limitations of your data are.


            What I am noticing though from your diagram and the calculated fields is simply that you want to show a count of Jira by priority and month filtered to QBO and Production.


            1. Add Group to the Filters shelf and select QBO

            2. Add Environment Desc to the Filters shelf and select Production

            3. Add your date Dimension to the columns Shelf

            4. Change the date dimension to Month/Year

            5. Add Priority to the Colors Shelf

            6. Add Jira to the Rows Shelf

            7. Right-click on Jira on the rows shelf and select Measure> Count


            If your data is formatted correctly, these directions should align nicely. If not, a sample workbook or data set will help us better understand the issue, and make better recommendations.

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              Hi Sandy,


              Can you provide a packaged workbook with a sample of your data?  I don't understand enough about your data to help you, especially with the calculations that you have.   If that data is already there in the dataset, then have you tried using Show Me to select a stacked bar, and dragging priority onto the color mark shelf?  That would give you the look that you want.