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    Revisiting Dynamic URLs or Images

    Gene Denny

      This topic has been discussed on here extensively, but I have still been unable to get it to work and, in my opinion, it may not even be possible.  The goal here is to simply show a student's picture on a visualization when the pictures are already stored on a web server.  I have attached a simple mock-up that is an extensively scaled back version of my project.


      Contained in the data source is a field named 'personID'.  This field may be used to identify the path and file name for each student's respective picture.  I have tried this in a variety of ways suggested here in the forums, including background map images, but always get caught in the fact that I am talking about 33,000+ individual pictures.  Using the background map image is functional provided I initially perform a one-to one match for all 33,000 picture files.


      I still think that adding web page container to my dashboard is the best solution.  Where I run into problems is telling Tableau that the URL will depend upon the student selected.  The URL for each student is a standard value that looks like




      I've even created a Calculated Field that creates the individual URLs, but I'm still stuck.


      Is there a syntax I should use in the Edit URL window to make this work or another option any of you can see?