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    Creating a Date Parameter with "year_month" String

    David Guzman

      Hi all,


      I am currently trying to create a user friendly Dashboard that allows users to select what type of data becomes viewable using a Date Parameter. I have come across a situation where the the data is categories by a "year_month" string. This has been causing me issues when I try to apply the same Date Parameter logic I would use with data had a "Date" category. I tried converting "year_month" into a "Date" type, but it results with a number that does not reflect the "year_month".

      Is there any way to convert "year_month" String to a Date type effectively? (Example: "2016-01" string should be January, 2016). If so, can you also assist me in applying the same Date Parameter logic on the data that has "year_month" String?


      Attached is the test data with "year_month" string and a test data that shows the Date Parameter logic I want to incorporate.


      Thank you all for your time and appropriate the assistance.