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    Access a bunch of filters in a URL to jump to another dashboard  (  Branched from :Re: URL action filter "All")

    Mukta Mohindra

      Is it possible to pass a bunch of filters in a URL to jump to another dashboard. I have tried a couple of scenarios

      1. using this calculated field as Action URL



      2. or this as Action URL

      https://domain.com/x/Dashboard?:embed=y&:display_count=no&:refresh=y&:toolbar=top&:customViews=no&Param1=<Parameters.x>&Param2=<Parameters.y >&ViewFilter=<FILTERVALUES(ViewSelection)>


      I am using 9.2.4

      In case of #1 the URL of current dashboard gets prepended and the second case does not work at all, maybe what I am doing is not possible?


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          Joe Oppelt

          I have this as a calc field that I am using to open a new sheet as a CSV file. 


          (In my application I have put a tiny sheet on the dashboard that simply displays an Excel icon.  This lets the user click and get all the dashboard data in excel.  I use the calc field as the value for the URL in the hyperlink action for this icon.)


          "https://(server name snipped)/#/views/(workbook name snipped)/DonationAmountExcel.csv" +

          "?Is%20Pledged="+[Is Pledged]+

          "&Period%20to%20View="+[Period to View]+

          "&Fiscal%20Month="+str([Parameters].[Fiscal Month]) +

          "&Retention%20Category="+[Parameters].[Retention Category] +




          So basically, this tacks on each parameter name (use the "%20" string in place of spaces), and tacks on each parameter value.  You can do the same with filters.

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            Mukta Mohindra

            Yes it works when the fields being passed are parameters but what I am trying to pass are the action filter values. So for ex. the user has interacted with the workbook and has drilled down to a smaller dataset , when I do a csv I want to generate that dataset by passing the filter values generated by the interactivity and that does not seem to work , esp when there are multiple values for a field chosen by the user - so in your example does it work if the user uses multiple periods to view?

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              Joe Oppelt

              Some problems and some solutions.


              First of all, to capture an exact list of the values selected from the filter, you need a table calc, and I have not found a way to pass a table calc to a URL string.  But in the attached (V9.0 workbook), I have two sheets.  Sheet2  has an action on it to grab whatever was selected, and go to Sheet 3.  (You can ctl-click to select multiple Regions).  Action is a MENU action to allow for ctl-click.


              On Sheet3 I have a hyperlink action.  You will need to modify this to insert your server. When you publish this workbook, you'll get a sheet-level URL for the sheets when you navigate to one or the other.


              But first let me point you to something I inserted into the title of Sheet3.  I have two table calcs that build the string of all the selected Regions.  Edit the Title.  You'll see that I have my calc in the title, and I also have [Region] in the title.  When you insert dimension name in the title like that, Tableau does a little massaging for you.  It will list up to three "tokens" of values for that dimension in the title.  If you have selected more than 3, Tableau takes the third token and changes it to "and [n] more".  But if you want to list out the entire list, the table calc method forces the full list.


              This may or may not be of value to you, but I was playing around with this because I thought I could insert this field into the URL.  The filter portion of the URL can look like this:


              ?Region=East,West,Central", and it would force-feed those three value for you.  If I could get the URL to recognize my table calc, I could force-feed the entire list into the URL that way.  But the Hyperlink edit won't recognize a table calc, so that attempt failed.



              And why did I want to force the list?  Right now I am using the dimension name in the URL.  (  ... ?Region=<Region> )  Tableau sees that and uses it properly.  However, It only passes the Region you click on.  Not all the Regions on the list.  You can ctl-click on multiple regions, and then select the hyperlink action, and Tableau WILL pass those regions.  And you can click on "North America" label at the bottom of the viz, and that selects all the regions on the sheet, and that therefore passes all the regions.  I wanted to figure out a way to make it easy for your users.  That's the closest I can find.


              One other interesting thing that isn't directly related to this issue.  Notice the filter on SHeet3.  I didn't display the Region filter.  I displayed the action filter that Tableau created.  You can right click on it in the filter shelf and do Show Filter, and the user now has that filter at his disposal.  It initially displays with the values passed from Sheet2, but allows the user to change the viz from there.  This may or may not be of value to you in this application, but it's a good thing to have in your bag of tricks for future use.


              Anyway, attached is a workbook with the example I've been discussing.  I hope it's

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                Joe Oppelt

                Huh.  I just hacked up an idea that gives you a one-click option to get all the Regions on this sheet.

                See attached.  In Dashboard1.


                I created a duplicate of sheet3.  On Sheet3 I edited the action filter to apply to Sheet4.  So whatever you see on the actual data sheet (Sjeet3) is also on Sheet 4.


                On Sheet4 I added a "master" dimension with one value ("AA") and put it at the front of the Columns shelf.  There will always be just one value here on Sheet4, even if there turns out to be multiple continents and regions.  Clicking on this one dimension on the sheet selects the whole sheet.  And therefore selects all regions.


                I added Sheet4 to the dashboard.  Sized it as you see here, and covered the data portion of the sheet with a text box.  I made the text inside the box white so it doesn't show, and I formatted the text area to be white.  It floats over the data portion of the tiny sheet, and all you see is "Click Here" that I left exposed.  (I used Alias to change AA to "Click here".  You can just make the value of the master dimension calc  "Click here".)


                Now, one click always gets all Regions.  Hyperlink off that.