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    Percentage of Total when Measures are Calculations




      I am trying to figure out how to get a % of total when all of the metrics are created from filters & calculations.


      My Workbook connects to Google Analytics which for client privacy I am not allowed to share.


      My method to filter Pageviews by URL probably isn't the most efficient so i'm open to suggestions on that as well.



      Page is Service or Parts:


      REGEXP_MATCH([Page],'(/(s|S)ervice-(p|P)arts/)' )



      True Count Service or Parts:


      IF [Page is Service or Parts] = TRUE THEN [Pageviews] ELSE NULL END


      I have 3 additional calculations similar to the above to filter other URL strings.


      This gives me the correct Pageviews value, however I have been unsuccessful figuring out how to get a % of total [Pageviews] for each Measure. I have tried table calculations, but so far no luck.


      For an example what I am trying to accomplish is something like this:



      What I have is:



      Hope this makes sense. Thanks for any insight!