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    show/hide parameter control

    Jenny Sanders



      I am trying to show/ hide the date field from my worksheet based on  selecting "custom" or "latest" dates.  I have a "date Selection "  parameter which is set to  "Custom" and "latest".

      I want to hide the date field from my worksheet unless I select the "Custom " under Timeperiod.


      I have followed the thread posted here How to control parameter visibility


      and tried to come up with a solution. But I can't really remove the " date" from my worksheet. Is there any dynamic way of not displaying the date in a worksheet?


      I have attached a  workbook with my approach so far.  It's not working . When I select "latest" and opt " Hide" in sheet 2 the date field doesn't get removed .


      Any help would be much appreciated!



      Thanks !

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          Hi Jenny,

          We meet again! 


          First things first - check out your calculation1 - "latest" does not equal "Latest".  When dealing with something like this, case is critical.  But even with that fixed, I couldn't get it to work.


          What I was able to do was a silly fix that someone else had further down in that thread.  Creating another sheet and floating that.  I've attached a 9.1 workbook that shows what I was able to do to hide the date field.  Hope that it helps!



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            What I forgot to mention: you won't be able to click through in Desktop to the date field, but you will be able to do that when you publish the workbook to Server.  It's one of the lovely quirks that Tableau has (that many of us hope don't get fixed).  It's silly, but it works.


            Additionally, the reason why the solution worked at the link you had is because the second "parameter" is actually a worksheet with all of the months set into it, and that worksheet was set for "Use As Filter".  That's why they were able to show and hide based on the original parameter. 


            Sorry for not being clear and complete in my prior reply.



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              Jenny Sanders

              Hi Ann,

              Thanks for taking you time and replying to my question again ! Thanks for the clarification and I was able to actually do that with the help of one of my friend who directed me to the post in tableau public http://alexkatona.blogspot.com/2015/07/how-to-default-your-tableau-dashboard.html


              It's  a cool stuff and you can tweak this calculated field to show/ hide your dates as per the requirement. Additional trick was to what you mentioned ! Even I did that silly fix !



              Thanks !

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                Jenny Sanders

                Hi Ann,


                I have another quick question. IS there any way that I can select a custom date from the date filed on my dashboard. Like date selection parameter is custom then it shows the custom date and I want the user to give the control to change the dates on dashboard. But due to that blank sheet dropped on the date, it somehow doesn't allow to change the dates.  I was playing around a lot but couldn't do that. Just wondering if it's possible.




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                  In my second reply to this thread, I mentioned that you're not going to be able to click through on the dashboard in Desktop.  Once you publish this to a Tableau server, then you will be able to click through and change dates.  It's just one of the quirks of Tableau.


                  You can try publishing it to Tableau public (if you have a Tableau public account), and hiding the visualization, and seeing if it works there (I'm not sure if it does, but I know it does on Tableau server)



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                    Jenny Sanders

                    Hi Ann ,


                    yes, I did go through that after you mentioned. And actually you can do show/ hide of the dates on the dashboard itself. First you have to float a container and then drag and drop the white sheets on top that and lots of formatting to actually make that thing work. It's a kind of a hack but it works actually!! If we put a blank worksheet we won't be able to dig into that but floating a container and then doing the adjustments makes it work somehow.


                    I hope this helps!


                    Thanks Jenny!

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                      Joe Oppelt

                      Jenny -- I'm jumping into this thread late, and I haven't fully immersed myself in the specifics of your issue, but upon a quick read of the thread you might be well served by the technique of "popping" things in and out to hide/reveal what you need.  It acts on conditions that you can identify programmatically. 


                      Some of us put together a video demonstrating two techniques -- popping and swapping.  (Swapping conditionally displays whole sheets in place of each other.)  About half way through we discuss popping -- in the example it is popping out a legend based on which sheet is displayed.


                      Here is a pointer to the video:


                      We made a video of Sheet Swapping and Legend/Filter Popping on a dashboard.



                      I use this stuff everywhere.  I conditionally display a bunch of parameters and filters based on who the user is.  (Power users can mess with the filters, and standard users just see the viz with the filters set upon publication, for example.)  I pop out entire folders with one set of sheets for one condition, and another set of sheets for another.  I pop out text box messages when certain conditions occur.  In one instance I can tell that a user hasn't arrived at a particular dashboard via an action on a sheet, so I pop out an entire sheet over the destination dashboard that tells them they can only access this dashboard via the correct method, and "click here" -- which sends them to the correct location.



                      The techniques are powerful design tools for me.

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                        Hanane Ouhammouch

                        Hi , I publish and steel not able to click on the date picker

                        can you help me thanks

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                          Joe Oppelt

                          Hanane -- You might want to start a new thread with a sample workbook.  Old threads don't get a lot of visibility.


                          But let me point you to another thread that might solve what I think you are describing.  Some of the container behaviors that were being leveraged back in 2016 (which is when this thread was active) have changed in version 10.4.


                          See this thread for an explanation and a way to deal with the new behavior:


                          Sheet popping behavior has changed in 10.5 (actually starting with 10.4)