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    An Error Occurred While Communicating With Data Source (MYSQL linked to MSSQL 2008 R2)

    Moneesh Reddy



      I have a linked MYSQL DB on MSSQL 2008 R2.

      All the queries I have created on the view have been working fine.

      I had included a new table's column for Action Message,

      However the data is in the form of " 0x4E65772074...565 " hexadecimal form.


      But when it converts into tableau, the data becomes null in the data source.

      Also I noticed when i dragged the "ActionMessage" dimension into worksheet, I ran into this error.


      Any help or if further information is required please advice.



      I am unsure how to solve the use.



      I have also attached numerous screenshots.

      I hope it helps visualize the problem.


      Thank you,


      Moneesh Reddy