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    Better way to filter and show count

    Lee Forst

      I'm still a Tableau greenhorn and I'm always questioning if I'm attempting to solve something in the best possible manner.  I was asked to help figure out a problem the other day a user was having building a view and I came up with the solution to it, but I'm not sure if there are other and perhaps better ways to solve it.  Basically the person wanted to show a map and have the mark label be the count of customers that make up the dollar amount for a given area.  And then the user wanted to have a way to filter by an amount and have the count of customers reflect the number customers meeting the amount threshold.  Attached is my solution for this using some made up data.  I simulated what the user originally was attempting to do in the First Attempt sheet and the Working sheet shows my solution.  I'm a little confused on how to explain the why there is difference other than I know the aggregation (SUM(Amount) as a filter) is what was throwing off his solution.  Thank you for any help or ideas you may share.