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    Missing Fields on <<<Dashboard Name >>>

    Shanaka Gunaratna

      Hi All


      I have two dashboards and I m creating dashboard action from one to the other and I m getting above error message and action not performed well.


      The reason to get this error is the Source Field is not on the dashboard/sheet


      There is no way I can bring that field in to the worksheet/dashboard and I tried to place it on Detail Marks  as suggested on the below post. But then values of dimension is appear on the worksheet.




      Looking for a workaround to tackle this


      I m using tableau desktop 9.2



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          Amanjot Klair

          Hi Shanaka,


          One question are you using Data blend, means are you using two different data sources and creating relationship. I think your filter field is coming from two different data sources, can you try to ensure that you have a one to many relationship within the two sources also instead of using data blend if both the sources belong to same db and server try using joins in the data source or use a custome SQL.



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            Shanaka Gunaratna

            Hi Amanjot


            Yes it coming from two different data sources but there are no relationship between them.



            Dashboard 1 - Source 1 (Summary Table). It got many aggregations


            Location , Group, ProductAMonthlyrevenue, ProductBQuarterlyRevenue, ProductCYearlyRevenue


            Dashboard 2 - Source  2 (Summary Table)


            Year, Month, Location, Group, MeasureType, Amount   (here measure type = ProductAMonthlyrevenue, ProductBQuarterlyRevenue, ProductCYearlyRevenue)


            I want to have a dashboard Action where click on say ProductCYearlyRevenue to display all the relevant information from source 2

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              Amanjot Klair

              Hi Shanaka,


              Is here any relationship that can be built between the two different sources in the data. I can see that  Location and Group dimensions are common in both the sources. Can't you create blend the data using those two. You need not worry about the duplication of data as in tableau data gets blended after it is aggregated the only thing you have to keep in mind is that Tableau only supports one to many relationship and not many to many. A relationship is required is definitely required to filter data among 2 different sources, because till the time there is no relation Tableau will never be able to identify which rows to filter from the second data source.


              Would it be possible for you to share a sample packaged workbook. If data confidentiality is an issue then below is a post which will help you understand how you can anonymise you data to share on tableau forums.


              Abiltiy Anonymize Data For Sharing

              Anonymize your Tableau Package Data for Sharing

              Video demonstrates how to anonymize your workbook/data