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    Calculating Numbers of dates with specific amount in last 30 days.

    ChandraSheker A

      HI, Below is a sample date to which i am trying to apply logic. Can find attachment for the sample excel.

      I am trying to get the logic in tableau:

      If an ID has a Fee of -35 then it is Late fee, so i have to count the number of late fees for an ID.

      and I want to also see the number of late fees in last 30 days.

      In above pic if you can see, ID has three -35, that means that ID has 3 late Fees and that too in last 30 days.



      am i want to see Finally,

      irrespective of the view,

      ID ,count( Late fees),  and if the count of Late fees are more than or equal to 2 i have to say that ID is not good else good.

      *******Or else Simply, I have to see the number of late fees for an ID in last 30 Days.


      Note: Fee in above shows -35, it can be any number like -50,399,373,22,334, etc like below pic. But I have to consider only Fees with -35 and count them.


      Hopefully i am clear in explanation.