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    Daily Percentage Calculation


      Hi Guys,


      I have a data set and need to calculate the percentage of each day Mostly the % of column is calculated as a quick table calculation but in this scenario the calculation is different.


      The product is launched in different countries on a different day. For example Japan has a launch date of  Thursday  -  So we need to calculate the % of each day from Thursday to Sunday as follows -


      i.e. sum(Actual on Thursday)/sum(Actual Thursday:Sunday)  = % On Thursday

           sum(Actual on Friday)/sum(Actual Thursday:Sunday) =  % On Friday

           sum(Actual on Saturday)/sum(Actual Thursday:Sunday) =  % On Saturday

           sum(Actual on Sunday)/sum(Actual Thursday:Sunday) =  % On Sunday


      For Monday and Tuesday we


      Monday Projection %  = Sum(Actual on Monday)/sum(Actual Thursday:Sunday)

      Tuesday Projection % =  Sum(Actual on Tuesday)/sum(Actual Thursday:Sunday)



      ProductTerritoryDay NameDatesWeekActualsProjectionsDay No
      1001JapanThursday3/19/2015Week 1      598,99215%1
      1001JapanFriday3/20/2015Week 1      926,28822%2
      1001JapanSaturday3/21/2015Week 1   1,523,56237%3
      1001JapanSunday3/22/2015Week 1   1,076,17726%4

      and this is for  week 1 just for one product


      Week 2 starts on Thursday again because the launch was previous Thursday and same calculations for projecting week 2.


      Can you please suggest on how to do this in Tableau? I have attached the data set to this discussion.