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    Tableau Server 9.2.4 -- inconsistent action filters

    Doug Stanley

      I have two dashboards, built in Tableau Desktop 9.2.4, and uploaded to Tableau Server 9.2.4. Both dashboards use a very similar action filter ('run-on menu' type) to take the user to another dashboard when clicked on. This works as expected in Tableau Desktop.


      On Tableau Server, however, one works as expected but the other does not display the menu hyperlink. So, in other words, the action filter does not work for this particular dashboard on Server, while continuing to work just fine on the other in dashboard both in Desktop and on Server. If I change the offending menu-type action filter to a 'run-on select' action filter, it works fine on server.


      Others, using previous Desktop and Server versions, have posted about this problem in the past. Nothing that was suggested as potential fixes has worked for me. I've tried everything I could think of, including rebuilding the action filters, refreshing the data extracts, etc. Anyone know what's going on here?