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    Sharing and Accessing Tableau Server-hosted Workbooks

    Ashwin Chandak



      We have created a workbook and published the dashboard view on the Tableau server.


      The goal is to make the dashboard accessible and interactible with team members who don't have a Tableau license.


      We have  considered the possible methods:


      1. Subscriptuions - The email sends a snapshot image of the dashboards that hinders interactivity. Furthermore, if the users don't have access to the same, they cant access the workbook


      2. Tableau Reader - Needs extracts and since our connections are live, this method is ruled out (unless i am missing something)


      3. Hosting the workbook on Sharepoint - Tableau requests access to the Sharepoint server and thus cannot be granted


      4. Manual email of .twbx files - Ruled out for the same reason as #2



      Is there a way we could achieve the goal with any means possible. Any workarounds are welcome too.


      Do let me know. Thanks!