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    Area Chart

    Bin Xiao

      Dear all,


      I have an area chart like below. I don't want that blank space from 0  to Feb 16 and from Feb 19 to the end...


      Thank you very very much!!



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          Derrick Austin

          Hey Bin,


          Edit your axis by right clicking on it and selecting "edit". Reduce the start/end points here.


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            Bin Xiao

            Hi Derrick,


            Thank you very much for the help!!


            But I don't want to reduce the end date because we have new data coming in everyday... Neither the start date because this dashboard will be used by several different customers.. They may have different start time...


            Do you have any other way to achieve that?


            Thank you!

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              Derrick Austin

              Hey Bin,


              Unfortunately, Tableau's functionality around the axises doesn't support a dynamic modification like that. It's more of "automatic and take what we give you" or "fixed and not-automatic".


              You might play around with the formatting and see if you can make the spacing less obvious (removing the lines, for example, would help)