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    Tableau vs Logi vs Qlik APIs

    John Meredith

      Hi people,

      I am aware of launching a partisan debate but I am after some thoughts/advice on the various implementations of REST APIs in different platforms. I am looking to embed data viz within a wider web based application. These visualizations would need to filter according to specific unique identifiers as well as present aggregated data as a comparison. So I suppose the questions I have are:


      1. Does anyone have experience in other platforms (Logi or Qlik) and compare the programmability of them and Tableau? Which is "easier"?

      2. Are there limitations in embedding visualizations based on filters/other attributes that are changed by a web application? Or are visualizations best restricted by the original URL call (i.e. use a separate call to each pre-filtered viz?)

      3. Are there any differences in the authentication models of each platform?


      Thoughts and thanks!