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    Reset All Mark Labels to Automatic

    Adam Smith

      I have some area charts where I have mark labels on.  I have them set not to overlap, but sometimes to get a specific view for a presentation I will right click, and select Mark Label > Always Show.  Is there anyway to reset all the Mark Labels to Automatic so that when I post the file to the server the mark labels will show up correctly?


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          Joe Oppelt

          Essentially you are saying that you want the published version always to be automatic, but at times you are asked to get a view that overlaps, and there are a bunch of marks you have to do this to, and it's a pain to undo it once you're done.  Correct?


          I don't know of a reset method other than to back-arrow.


          Consider this.  SAVE before you start this.  Make your changes, and get your view, and then do File-> "Revert to Saved" to go back to your original.


          Or consider this:  Duplicate the sheet.  Call it Adam's Chart.  No matter what you do on it, the published viz will still be the old viz.  Even if you save.

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            Adam Smith

            You described exactly what I'm trying to do Joe.  It's a dashboard, so duplicating it would be hard, but saving it and reverting back to it will work.  Thank you!