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    Tableau configuration steps on new cloned VMs

    SRK B



      As part of DR platform setup for our Tableau platform, we built 3 new VMs and restored the VM snapshots of our existing QA servers in to new VM servers.


      As expected the VM copy brought all the tableau content of existing QA to new DR server but configuration still mapped to old servers.


      We need to understand the process/steps to make it an independent tableau DR system with primary and worker nodes.


      Tableau QA Servers:


      Xxxx93.xx.xx.com - Primary

      Xxxx94.xx.xx.com – Worker1

      Xxxx95.xx.xx.com- worker2


      New DR Servers:


      Xxxx127.xx.xx.com - Primary

      Xxxx128.xx.xx.com – Worker1



      VM Snapshot restore done as:


      1. 93à127
      2. 94à128
      3. 95à132


      For example (in xxxx127 server): Server Configuration still has old server names. We need to make sure we have 128 and 132 in below screen.


      Not sure if anyone has done this before but any suggestions are appreciated



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          Jeff Strauss

          When you restore the data, try specifying --no-config.  This in fact just restores the data and not the config.


          tabadmin commands

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            SRK B

            Our main concern is how to make these new servers as independent to old QA boxes. its behaving like QA got 3 additional boxes added as when could see that all Tableau services in new VM are occupied with memory consumption.


            We need to break the relation between these two environments and we want to upgrade the new VMs to latest version.

            we need to know the process to isolate them starting from Licenses to configuration

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              Jeff Strauss

              I understand.  Are you able to uninstall the software on these new boxes, then re-install and then do a tabadmin restore --no-config ?  This will allow an independent cluster.

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                Hi SRK B - Jeff Strauss is right. The supported and simplest way to setup a new QA environment is to do a clean install on the new hosts and restore a Tableau Server backup file (*.tsbak) with the '--no-config' option. Restoring VM snapshots to new hosts leads to the configuration issues you've seen. They could probably be worked around, but it'd be much more tedious than simply starting fresh.


                Here's a help doc about running upgrades, but the steps for "New Machine Upgrade – Migrate Existing Content" can be applied to setting up a QA environment.



                Does this help?

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                  Matt Coles

                  In addition to Jeffrey and Blake's guidance, here are a few other things to consider once the restore is complete:


                  • Disable Subscriptions on your cluster, or alternatively point the smpt server to a dead address via your hosts files on all nodes in the cluster, or else your users will receive duplicate subscription emails. You can turn subscriptions off on the entire cluster with a tabadmin configure command which can be automated.

                  • Disabling Extract refresh operations, as you will be doubling the load on whatever database servers your content may point to. Depending on your DR strategy though, you may actually want to leave them running both as a method to keep your recovery time shorter as well as to continually test that they actually work in the event of a disaster.
                  • Custom Administrative views will still be pointing the the same host for your Repository, and may need adjusting to point to the failover cluster's repository database. This will need to be done each time you restore over your DR cluster for the admin views to function correctly. If you've got them pointed to a load balanced cname that does that for you, then you've already got that problem solved.
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                    SRK B

                    Thank you Blake and Jeff for your suggestions.


                    Yes, I did a clean install with one primary and 2 workers.


                    Next steps is to import the backup file of existing QA to new DR server.


                    Question: If I upgrade my Tableau on DR from 9.0.6 to 9.2.3 and import the backup of 9.0.6 of existing QA will the content work as expected? Or I need to first restore the content and upgrade to 9.2.3?


                    many thanks

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                      Michael Perillo

                      You may restore your 9.0.6 backup to 9.2.3.  Before doing so I would suggest you test this version in a DEV/QA environment and restore the backup first using the --no-config switch.  It's always a good idea to test thoroughly when you're looking to upgrade to a new version environment to address any potential issues.  


                      Check out the help guide for upgrading to v9.2 and the sub-topics, too. This section should answer most your questions - Upgrade to 9.2


                      And be sure to review the release notes to see what was addressed between your 9.0.6 and planned 9.2.3 Release Notes | Tableau Software

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                        SRK B

                        Thank you Mike.  Yes we are doing this in QA only but moving to new hardware.


                        so, either i can restore the backup in old QA to new QA with --no config and then upgrade to 9.2.3 or we can upgrade to 9.2.3 and then restore the 9.0.6 backup from old QA. I am assuming both ways should work.




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                          Michael Perillo



                          Both options will work. If it were me (and this is actually the course of action I'm taking with my upgrade now), I'd install 9.2.x, restore with --no-config and test thoroughly.  After testing you can move to the new hardware by backing up your 9.2.x environment and restore with --no-config.  I've done this many times and we're still working. Best of luck on your upgrade.


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                            John Kuo

                            Just so everyone's aware, the only officially supported backup and restore method right now is using the tabadmin command line utility. VM snapshots will break Tableau's licensing function.


                            From http://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/server/en-us/help.htm#db_restore.htm

                            Note:  Only backups created using tabadmin can be used when restoring Tableau data.


                            From Server Backup and Maintenance Automation | Tableau Software

                            Important: You can only use backups made with the tabadmin backup command when restoring Tableau Server data. Database backups made in other ways, and virtual machine snapshots are not valid sources for restoring Tableau Server.



                            I'm attaching a document on VM best practices, which also mentions the above info on page 4.