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    Any Tableau Genius, Please help!

    Mike Moussa

      Hello all, relatively new to Tableau, but have been working in it a lot since gaining access last month. Below is a report that I am working on. All numbers match and pull accurately from the outside sources, except the grand total of the "% of quota" column. I've tried many options in the measure, and total measure drop downs but am stumped. I would like the grand total section to simply divide the grand total of transaction amount by the grand total quota number, rather then do a top down calculation of all the percentages. The individual percentages of the "% of quota" column do exactly what I want, but the grand total is not. It seems like it should be such a simple task. I feel like it's a super easy fix but am just not finding it. ANY help or direction is greatly appreciated! Thank you so much in advance to whoever can solve!