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    Distinct color values for different product id's

    Jenny Sanders



      I am trying to color code the "Product_id"  i.e. I am trying to get one separate color for each product id's that i have in my data depending on the Color_value attached to it.


      So I created a LOD to get the total price product and based on the total I want to give a color. The field i am counting is Product_id.  So the calculated field I am tryimh to use is


      if the "total_price" =  8 then "Red"

      elseif "total_price"=7 then "green"

      elseif "total_price"= 5.5 then yellow



      When I try to use the Color_value field in my calculated field it automatically turns into a count  and I only get one unique color.


      I have attached a dummy workbook with my approach so far. Can anyone please tell me what is wrong with my approach?  The "total_price" gives the sum of price / product. "Total_price_color" is the calculated field i want to create.


      Thanks in advance !