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    Gains Chart from Logistic Regression results




      I have been able to calculate the probabilities from a Logistic Regression model for each record in my data. Thanks to Bora Beran's post: Logistic Regression in Tableau using R « Bora Beran


      I am now trying to generate a Gains Chart by creating 10 groups (deciles) based on the scores, and calculate total 1s and 0s (actual values from data), and total 1s and 0s (from the predicted values) in each of the 10 groups. But because of Tableau's R integration that requires me to specify the level of detail as Row ID and the Gains Chart requirement of aggregating everything at the group level, I have not been able to make this work.


      Has anyone been able to create a Gains Chart using the predictions from a Logistic Regression, in Tableau?