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    Ugh!!  What am I missing here?? (Text column axis with blended data).

    Joe Oppelt

      I have a 9.0 workbook attached.


      I want to display monthly data.  Some of it comes from one source, some from another.  The axis I want to display is a character depiction of the month in question.  I created a calc called Fiscal Month String to do this.


      If I run the data along the actual numeric value ([FiscalMonth]) I can get what I want.  If I want to introduce the character string instead, I get unacceptable results.

      Sheet2 shows what I want to see, but with a numeric dimension for the axis.


      Sheet1 shows the closest I can get if I try to introduce the text field in the axis.  (Numeric header is hidden.)


      Sheet0 shows what happens if I don't have the numeric field in there at all.  Blue line is correct.  Green line (from secondary data source) is summed across the year.  And that's understandable since the blend field isn't on the sheet to chop up the months.


      And SheetZ is essentially what I get in Sheet1, only instead of putting the blend field on columns, I put it on the data shelf.  (Curiously, check out what happens when you change the [FiscalMonth] pill on DATA from continuous to discrete.)


      Bottom line, I want to get what I have on sheet2, except instead of numeric axis labels, I want [Fiscal Month String] to be the values.


      I can make it work if I have all the data in one data source, but that's not an option for me in my actual workbook.  So it's the introduction of the secondary source that's getting me here.


      (And yes, I can put it on the dashboard without the axis, and overlay a text box with the labels...  I suppose...)


      What am I missing?