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    Got a fun Educational Brain Teaser

    Rody Zakovich

      Hello Community,


      Sorry to be vague on the name, one I didn't know what to name it, and two, I  didn't want to give anything away.


      To begin, let me give some background.


      You come into work, and are given a dataset like so




      Months Since String - Is a STRING value, that represents the number of Months since a given Start Date, for this Brain Teaser I am going to use JANUARY 2015


      You are tasked with showing the value of Sales over time, BUT you also need to show the MISSING DATA, i.e. notice there is no 3 Months Since or 4 Months Since.


      On top of all this, your boss also wants to see "Months Since Jan-15" on the Axis (Crazy right!)


      So using the Dataset provided, create this Viz.



      Starting workbook is attached.


      This one may be challenging for some, but I learned a lot about Tableau from this exercise, so I hope others do too!


      Simon Runc one give it a go?




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