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    How to fix dates not imported as a date dimension

    Sue Slivan

      This has driven me nuts for some time now.

      I run usage reports for our library.  My attachment shows what the data returned looks like:

      dates across the top, products in the first column, and the usage counts for each month.


      Tableau imports the dates as individual measures, instead of one date dimension.


      I've tried a Tableau add-on that reshapes the data,but I'd rather try to make the date into a usable dimension.



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          Hi Sue!


          This is because each of your dates are in a separate column. If you have access to Tableau 9.0 or higher, you can actually pivot this data in the data connector window itself. By CTRL clicking all date columns, clicking on a dropdown and selecting pivot. Once you do that, in the worksheet you can change the format of the date dimension to a format that suits your needs.


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