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    Conditional Formatting for a Single Measure

    Ryan Miller

      I know this has been discussed at length across the community and i've read about 10 different postings (just adding it as a separate sheet--sans headers--to the end, turning the measure discreet, etc.) and still haven't found a way to be able to make it work without going through a very elaborate workaround that ultimately kind of mucks up my automated dashboard.


      Since quite a few of the responses are from a significant chunk of time ago, hoping that maybe some things have changed with the new releases since then and someone has a fix.


      I simply want to be able to condition the CTR measure--none others--to be color-scaled in either text or background of the cells. The reason I can't just build a sheet for that metric and remove the headers is because it's part of an expandable hierarchy that doesn't expand when the original table is expanded.


      Does anyone know of any way to do this? It could just be that this isn't possible to do in Tableau yet.


      All help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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