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    Level of Detail Calculation with a Running Sum

    Dave Rawlings



      I have an issue that I just don't seem to be able to find a way around.  I can't upload data as that isn't allowed where I work, which obviously makes this slightly more difficult.


      I have a list of clients, with a client ID, and associated sales numbers.  I want to show which clients make up 80% of the overall revenue, and then count how many clients that is on a dashboard or other report.  There are other categories but they aren't causing an issue at the moment.


      For something like this I would normally use a running sum and divide that by the total sales, so a calc that is something like if running sum/ total sales >=80% THEN "Top N" ELSE "" END.


      And for other types of categorisations I would use a Fixed LOD at client ID level.


      However I can't combine the 2 as you can't use a table calc within a LOD.  Can you think of any other way I could "stamp" each client with whether they make up 80 % of the revenue, in a way that I could then count those?


      Hopefully this makes some sort of sense