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    Controlling Aggregation of data

    Mahadev Somashekhar

      Dear Sir/Ma'am,

      Could you please advise on how to control the Aggregation of data




      Excel Sheet 1


      Month                    User                    Product_QTY

      Jan 2016               A                            1

      Jan 2016               B                            1

      Feb 2016               A                            2

      Feb 2016               B                            1



      Excel Sheet 2



      User           Dept

      A                    D1

      A                    D2

      B                    D3



      Using datasource Joins

      would give me



      Month                    User                    Product_QTY          Dept

      Jan 2016               A                            1                         D1

      Jan 2016               A                            1                         D2

      Jan 2016               B                            1                         D3

      Feb 2016               A                            2                         D1

      Feb 2016               A                            2                         D2

      Feb 2016               B                            1                          D3



      My Current Aggregation in report



      User               sum(Product_QTY)

      A                    6

      B                    2



      Its true that my join condition is not at the least granularity


      Would it possible to achieve a report as below



      User               sum(Product_QTY)

      A                    3

      B                    2





      Month                    Product_QTY 

      Jan 2016                  2

      Feb 2016                    3



      Your advise is highly appreciated, thanks in advance.



      I would need the join to Department as there would be other Tables on that data.


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