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    LOD Weighted Average?

    Joe Baker

      High I'm still wrapping my head around all the different uses of LOD expressions and I could use some assistance with calculating a measure I have for a less granular level of detail.


      Below I have a table with two measures 

           Wgth Avg Sales: SUM([Quantity] * [Sales]) / SUM([Quantity]) ,

           LOD Category: {EXCLUDE [Sub-Category] : [Wght Avg Sales (by Quantity)]}



      I would like my LOD Category to still show 155.5 even when I filter the Sub-Category as shown, below.  How can I get this to still show the 155.5 when I filter to more granular levels of detail? Should I be using FIXED, and how would I do this?  Thanks!


      Using Tableau version 9.2