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    Dynamic worksheet title based on action filter

    kristophe m

      I have some sales data with sales type dimension: online and store. I created a horizontal filter sheet that filters a graph on a dashboard based on three choices: online, store, and total sales. Total sales is a parameter I created which is supposed to act like the (All) field. I have this parameter on the row section while the [Sales Type] dimension is on the column section. I want the sheet title for the bar graph to dynamically change based on the filter choice the user clicks. For example, if user clicks 'Total Sales' the worksheet title should be something like '2015 Total Sales Revenue'. If the users clicks 'Online', the worksheet should title should change to something like '2015 Online Sales Revenue'. If the user clicks 'Store', the worksheet title should change to something like '2015 Store Sales Revenue'. I can get the title to change if 'one of Store' or 'Online' is selected but if both are selected it shows as 'Online & Sales' but I want it to show as 'Total Sales'.


      Maybe the way I created the horizontal filter sheet is not the best way, but I want users to have the option to filter for 'All' and I don't want to use the quick filters but I am open to other solutions. Thank you.