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    Is it possible to control 2 dimension filters at the same time ?

    Chris McClellan

      Here's a tricky problem that I'm trying to solve ...


      Basically I'm trying to design a message that will be placed on a dashboard so the users can only see the title and the Segment quickfilter, because that's the only important bit.


      The trick is that it should display like this :


      - choose Home Office, and only the Same Day ship mode is displayed

      - choose Corporate, and only the First Class ship mode is displayed

      - choose Consumer, and only the Second Class ship mode is displayed


      I don't care if the selection is a quickfilter on Segment, or a parameter with the same values as long as the functionality is that the user chooses a segment value, and the Ship Mode value changes.


      In the attachment the user needs to choose both values, so I'm trying to find a way to remove the Ship Mode dropdown and have it change values when the Segment dropdown is changed.


      Future requirements mean that there might need to be a bar graph of the same data, but just this piece is required for now.


      Does anyone know how to do this ? (I'm sorta stuck )