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    Axis Years

    Ryan Pereira

      I have two questions. How do I remove two years that show up on the tail ends of the X axis of my bar graph? When I go to do so manually and set that years from 2009-2015 (removing the years 2008 and 2016) it removes those years but then the bar above 2009 and 2015 is really thin compared to all of the other bars. Second: How do I remove the coordinates when you hover above dots in the bottom graphic. I want to keep the other information (# of indictments and city) but the longitude/latitude is unnecessary.  I attached the screen shots. for reference below.



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          For the years that is in columns, click on the drop down and change it to 'discrete'. For the second question, click on the tooltip on the marks card for the bottom graphic and remove the long/lat fields from it.


          Hope that helps.



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            Ryan Pereira

            Thanks Pooja,


            I managed to remove the long/lat fields, but am unsure about what to do for the years. I found the columns by searching the the help menu but there is nothing on my Tableau that says discrete. I can only see options like show percentage/total.

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              Hey Ryan,


              Click on the dorpdown on the pill that you placed on columns (the year dimension) that is on the columns. When you click on the dropdown of the pill, you will see an option 'discrete' select that. The pill turns blue upon doing so. Hope you can find it.  See the week pill, it should turn blue when its a discrete field: