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    Content buckets - might require LOD

    Dheeraj Poojari

      Hi all,


      Attached is an excel workbook which I need to replicate in Tableau.


      I have 3 columns, namely Industry, Page and Visits. In Tableau, we can calculate the rank percentile of a set of pages under a particular Industry. Then we create another calculated field which is categorizing the pages based on the rank percentile into "High", "Mid" and "Low".


      Now, I need a single pie chart which will have a "Industry" quick filter. The slices of the pie should be the count of "High", "Mid" and "Low".


      The business case is to allow a user to select a particular industry and see how many pieces perform good, bad or ugly.


      I have the output as well in the workbook. Can anyone suggest potential solutions? The challenge is, when we remove the "Pages" from the view, the rank percentile gets wonky. If I get the "Pages" in the "Detail" section, it splits the pie into the individual pages. I do not want that to happen.