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    Introducing Lenny Riedinger - Tableau Community Engineer

    Tracy Rodgers

      Hi Tableau Community!


      We now have a new member of the Tableau Community Team - based out of Dublin, but originally from France! It is my great pleasure to introduce to you Lénaïc Riédinger:


      Howdy! I’m Lénaïc - aka Lenny or Nicou - and I am a Community Engineer for Tableau. You will mainly see me strolling on the forums and social media, helping out with questions, creating knowledge base articles, and developing Tableau’s community. My role is all about making you feel comfortable using our products and platform!


      I’m originally from France, Normandy, but I started working in Ireland in 2014 for a gaming company, mainly on social media channels, forums, and  using analytics within the community; that is what caught my eye about Tableau. Indeed, I’m fond of games! Roleplay, strategy, arenas, shooter and even spatial simulation games are my main hobbies at the moment. I am a pretty big fan of the Lore into games, the stories, and can be quite nerd-y about it! When I was in France, I used to paint little figurines, play tennis, badminton, ping pong, and I also used to sing a lot rock and metal songs… unfortunately, as I had to move, it is now harder to practice these hobbies.


      When I was a student, I used to study chemistry. I also spent many years on physics, electricity, optical, metrology, and acoustic… however, while being very interested in these fields, my dream was to build, engage, and support my own community! Doing so, I have spent a huge amount of time into improving my Community skills and communication… which in fact paid because I am very proud of my young career in the community/gaming/analytics field!


      Fun fact about me, I told you that I love games: I have spent around 1300 hours of gameplay on a space simulation game in 2015 (called Elite: Dangerous, but I don’t think we can quote games?)! It’s easy to calculate how much this does per day… while it’s not the only game I’m playing.


      I also melt when I see bunnies, they’re so cute!


      What is exciting in my new job is that I can connect with Tableau users from all around the world! In fact, we have a fantastic tool in our forums that translates everything  efficiently into the language you are browsing in. If you are speaking in Norwegian, for example, I will be able to see your posts in English, or French, or whatever language I want. Therefore, every Tableau’s users are united in our forums. We are all working together to make the community a fantastic place to evolve in, in order to learn about each other’s and improve our skills using Tableau. And that is wonderful.


      Welcome Lenny!