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    Problem Creating a filter

    Axel Cortez

      I get the data from excel:

           Nodes          Route                                                            Values

           Node1          (route1,route2,route3)                                       (10,26,90)

           Node2          (route2)                                                                (56)

           Node3          (route3,route4)                                                  (24,56)

           Node4          (route1,route2,route3,route5)                             (10,20,67,05)

           Node5          (route1,route2,route3,route4,route5)                    (89,34,66,51,100)



            I can do a filter of nodes, just aading a quick filter, the problem is when I try to show the filter for routes, i get all routes. I only want that when i choose node1, i want to get only the routes on node1 (route1, route2,route3)  and this should be another list where i can choose these routes to see their values.


      Sorry for my english.