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    A few questions about how to filter results

    Alex Stein

      I'm a new Tableau user and am having trouble figuring out how to filter some results for a chart. I have 2 data sources with incomplete but relating data for each. I want to combine these into one chart


      • I have Rooms and Furniture data sources
        • Rooms have these columns: Name, Number, Department, and Occupancy
          • Example is Open Area, 225, GROUP 1, 1
        • Furniture has these columns: Name Number (1 Column), Occupancy
          • Example is Workstation, Open Area 225, 1
      • Since I don't have Department data for Furniture, I want to assign Department data to each Furniture row if its Name Number matches Room's Name, Number
      • Finally, in a Bar chart, I want to show the sum of the Room's Occupancy and Furniture's Occupancy, sorted by Department

      I'm halfway there, but I'm stuck. Thanks in advance for any help!