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    Parameter or Calculated Field for max qty/max date?

    Nasir Khan

      I am not sure if I need a Calculated Field or a Parameter here:


      I am creating a dashboard for a Biggest Loser Challenge. I need the max value/% lost; but I need this number to change every week as the challenge progresses. I will be using his number several different ways; as a reference line, as a big number being displayed on a dashboard, in calculations etc. In the table below this for week 2 number would be -1.66% (Team 2) however for week 2 (when I refresh the data) this number will be -2.82% (Team 1).


      *Every week I add new data while leaving the old data to show the progress on a timeline.



      Team #TeamWeek #Date% Loss
      3Team 122/5/2016-1.57%
      11Team 222/5/2016-1.66%
      14Team 322/5/2016-1.58%
      3Team 132/12/2016-2.82%
      11Team 232/12/2016-1.21%
      14Team 332/12/2016-1.87%


      Thanks in advance.