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    Creating "filter-able" hierarchies from a single field?

    Talha Valam

      Hi everyone,

      I’m looking for some help on creating hierarchies in Tableau, and I haven’t been able to find a similar post on the forums (apologies if one exits)


      Our organization has 15 branches across Canada and right now, I have the field called Branch Name set as a selectable filter on the worksheet.


      What I’d like is to be able to group certain branches into regions or divisions such as Alberta, BC, East, West, etc.)


      For example, right now, the filter looks like the attached screenshot


      If possible, I’d like the filter to look something like below. I want to have the functionality of choosing either the specific branch, or region, or division, or any combination of the three.


      - ALL

      • West
        • Alberta
          • § Calgary
          • § Edmonton
          • § Red Deer
        • British Columbia
          • § Vancouver
          • § Victoria
          • § Kamloops
          • § Kelowna
          • § Prince George
        • Prairies
          • § Winnipeg
          • § Regina
          • § Saskatoon
      • East
        • Ontario
          • § Toronto
          • § Ottawa
          • § Cambridge
        • Quebec
          • § Montreal


      Is there a way for this to be done?


      Thanks in advance guys!