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    Rotate Label on Dummy Measures

    Jose Duhart

      I originally wanted to create a table where I could color code each of my metrics based on a different set of rules. I was able to get to this point by following the steps here:

      Conditionally Format the Color of Individual Rows in a Crosstab View | Tableau Software


      However, that came at the expense of having my labels turned 90 degrees and without an obvious way on how to make them horizontal. See attached workbook to look at my current state.

      The goal is to rotate the labels of the Measures (M1, M2, M3, ...) so that they are horizontal as every other text in the workbook, without losing the individual metric color formatting.

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          I don't know of a better way than placing this sheet on a dashboard and floating a sheet with just the dummy measures over it so the labels are horizontal and readable. Although, if the crosstab increases in size then scrolling through to scale the labels correctly could be an ongoing issue.


          Creating a sheet like this is what I mean with blank calculated field on rows and text to avoid the 'abc' column:


          And then float the sheet on a dashboard: