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    Null values

    Maleeha Matin

      Hello. I am trying to plot the trend using hourly data but when there was a big chunk of null values in the middle, there seemed to be a connecting line. I looked up on the internet and tried the "hide(connect line)" in the marks tab but that did not work for me. Is there anything else I can try?




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          Hi Maleeha Matin,


          This article could help you dealing with Null values.

          Tell us if that is not what you were looking for; the community could surely help you!



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            Maleeha Matin

            Thank you. I tried those but for some reason nothing seems to be working.


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            Null values

            reply from Lénaïc RIÉDINGER in Forums - View the full discussionHi Maleeha Matin, This article could help you dealing with Null values.Tell us if that is not what you were looking for; the community could surely help you! Lenny

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            Following Null values in these streams: Inbox


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              Mark Fraser

              Hi Maleeha


              You may have more luck with this article > Handling Null Values | Tableau Software

              It describes almost exactly your situation.


              You can either hide the nulls, or revert them to 0, using the ZN() function.


              Failing that, we would need some kind of sample to provide more accurate assistance.