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    How to calculate best/ worst case scenario

    Semanti Mandal



      I am trying to come up with a best case/ worst case scenario depending on the daily  refresh status of the data.  I have a simple view with workbook name, connection name and the refresh status. I have categorized the refresh statuses as  "1 " and " 5" .

      1 = On time Refresh and 5= Late Refresh.


      In my data a workbook is using several connections. The refresh status is based on a calculated field.


      I am trying to come up with a calculated field which will count the no . of 1's or 5's / workbook and display the best / worst depending on the max. count of 1's or 5's i.e


      if count of refresh status =1 > count of refresh status =5 then "Best" else " Worst".


      Is this possible? because argument to count is already an aggregated field.


      Here is a snapshot of how it looks. So as per this snapshot the status would be "worst". Any suggestions?