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    Blank space below published Dashboard when using tabs




      I have encountered a problem when publishing a workbook/dashboard to the server that contains multiple tabs with dashboards of different lengths.


      I get a large blank space below the entire dashboard. The space corresponds with the size difference to the largest dashboard tab in the worksheet (so if one tab is 1000 and the largest is 1500, I will get 500px blank space)


      How do I get rid of this blank space? It is very inconvenient as it moves the comment section as well.


      All elements in the dashboards are floating.


      Thank you in advance.



      Jesper S.

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          Ben Neville

          Hi Jesper - quite honestly, I don't know that I've ever noticed this, as if I publish dashboards with tabs, they generally tend to be all sized the same. However, I find the same behavior as you in my 9.2.0 environment. Is this a change from past behavior, or has this always been the case? It seems like it's in the realm of possibility that it's expected behavior if this is not new.


          If this has changed from past functionality, I would file a case with the support team to see if you can get the official word from them, and get it on their radar if it is an unexpected change with your version.

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            Zach Leber

            I believe this has always been a problem with Tableau Server tabs going back to 8.X and earlier. If you publish with tabs, and any of the views are fixed size, all the views will be the max fixed size. The workaround if you want to maintain different sizes for your different views is not to display tabs.