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    A parameter pass from Tableau?

    Laszlo Winter

      Most community samples and the official WDC samples are with prompts but I wonder if I could drive/pass these WDC user prompts from Tableau directly. Or if its not a WDC user prompt then create a WDC with no user prompt but a filter parameter that from Tableau I could drive like a date range or whatever for filtering the data source through WDC.


      I think I've seen/heard mentioning this option and I wonder if it is possible and if there is a sample WDC I could check for the functionality.


      Thanks for your thoughts,


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          Brendan Lee

          Hey Laszlo,


          Unfortunately, this functionality isn't currently available.  The only way to filter the WDC data source is to edit the connection and edit information in the web data connector directly. 


          There is an existing Idea in our Ideas Forum for this feature though: Enhanced Data Connector to dynamically pull data like custom SQL


          If that matches the functionality you are looking for, feel free to vote for that idea! We are constantly looking at the Ideas Forum as a way to gauge customer interest in particular features.

          Thank you for your feedback!


          Brendan Lee

          Associate Product Manager


          e: bllee@tableau.com

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            Laszlo Winter

            Thanks Brendan,


            Appreciate your quick feedback. Yes I would have loved this and need it badly. Ok I voted for it, hope it goes through the sooner the better.


            Best regards,


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              Laszlo Winter



              Sorry this should qualify a different thread but who could give me info on availability in Tableau for a UI SDK?


              Pretty much what we'd want to do is to create anymated data stories like guided tours for our clients how to use certain specific visualizations and we would need some form of an SDK to build scripts to controll the animation, vizualisation behaviour.


              thanks and of course I searched here on the site but oly saw SDK for the Web data connector.


              Appreciate your help or just pointing me the right direction,


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                Brendan Lee

                Hey Lazlo,


                We don't have anything in the product exactly like that.  But here are two alternatives that you could consider (apologies if you already know about both of these):


                1. Stories:  In Tableau we have some built in functionality to tell guided stories.  You can use these to walk users through your visualizations and call out important information.
                2. JavaScript API:  This wouldn't give you all the functionality you've requested (and this isn't running in Tableau), but we do have an API that allows you to pull content from Tableau and imbed and interact with it from a web page.  You could then build some of the custom features into your web page.


                Hope that helps,

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                  Pratik R

                  I would have really appreciated this as well. Unfortunately we might have to drop Tableau as an option due to this functionality not being available. Enriching data in Tableau with data from our web service is a really important use case for us, and having it be parametrized by Tableau filters/inputs is crucial for this. In the meanwhile, I've upvoted the post on the Ideas Forum.