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    Mixed Calculation field and integer

    Harnish Patel



      I am trying to calculate FTE counts and I am having an issue with the results aggregating incorrectly.


      Currently my data comes in at 5 levels

      1. Facility
      2. Cost Center
      3. Job Class
      4. Pay Type
      5. Pay Period


      The Sum of a cost centers hours would be the sum of the hours in each level below. I would then take that sum and divide by 80 to get the count of FTE's that were included for that Pay Period. Then if I remove the Pay Period Pill, This number should represent the Sum of Hours across all Pay Periods / (80 * # of Pay Periods).


      My formula currently is sum(hours)/sum(80). This gives me the correct numbers for the pay period but incorrect for the year. How can i hold the 80 steady for the pay period and aggregate the rest properly?


      Thank you!